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What should I do if my snoring is disturbing my bed partner?
The temptation when snoring is becoming a problem is to look for ways to stop the snoring. This seems logical until you make the realization that it is possible that your snoring is only a symptom of a worse condition, sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which the patient stops breathing for 15-60 seconds over and over throughout the night. The number of times this happens per hour determines the severity of the condition and is ascertained with a sleep test. If you snore and suffer from daytime sleepiness it is highly recommended that you go to your doctor and ask about having a sleep study done. Women with a 15 inch neck size and men at 17 inches are also very likely to have the condition and, if they snore, should be checked by their physician.

If your bed partner has witnessed your cessation of breathing I highly suggest that he or she make a video of one episode and come with you to see your primary care physician. I suggest this because the partner will have more conviction about the problem because they have witnessed it firsthand and are most affected by the snoring. The video will document the apnea and convince the primary care physician, if they are skeptical, to send you for the sleep test.

What can make sleep apnea so insidious is that your bed partner is affected by the snoring which occurs while you are breathing. The sleep apnea, which is the dangerous phase of the condition, is silent until the patient forces air back into the pharynx to open the airway.

Unless you are a patient of Dr. Landin's and have seen him very recently, this should not be construed as dental advice but only as information. Please consult your own dentist and/or physician in regard to your personal situation or condition.

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